NEW: Rabenhorst Spicy Vegetables

The mixed vegetable juice in organic quality surprises with a special spiciness from ginger, chilli and pepper

For over 120 years, Rabenhorst has stood for high-quality and beneficial fruit and vegetable juices of the highest quality. This Rabenhorst quality means that only the best raw ingredients are used and that a variety of natural ingredients are preserved in the juices. Haus Rabenhorst from Unkel on the Rhine is constantly proving its special juice expertise: the company's own test laboratory is constantly working on new creations and combinations for the premium juices. The latest juice creation that has emerged is in line with the current zeitgeist of consciously natural nutrition and is now being launched on the market: Rabenhorst Spicy Vegetables.

The mixed vegetable juice contains a rich mixture of various ingredients in organic quality: organic tomatoes, organic carrots*, organic beetroot*, organic cucumber*, organic CELERY*, organic ginger, organic sauerkraut* (organic white cabbage, sea salt), organic onion juice, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic chilli, organic white wine vinegar, organic parsley, organic basil, organic lovage, organic dill juice and organic lemon juice. The individual combination of ginger, chilli and pepper in particular creates a very special spicy note that succinctly rounds off the mixed vegetable juice. For all those who love spiciness and want to treat themselves!

A glass of vegetable juice can occasionally be used as a portion of vegetables within the framework of the "5-a-day" recommendations of the German Nutrition Society, according to which one should integrate 5 portions of fruit and/or vegetables into the daily diet.

*lactic fermented