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Social mission statement:
Connected to nature - committed to humanity

It is our concern to work with foresight and responsibility for people and the environment. This includes our suppliers, customers, partners and employees.

Long-term supplier relationships

Suppliers are important partners with whom we strive for fair and cooperative business relationships. Close cooperation and constructive dialogue form the basis for sourcing high-quality goods and raw materials that have been produced under socially acceptable and environmentally friendly conditions. Therefore we pursue long-term supplier relationships in order to be able to ensure the requirements for high quality standards - whether with the fruit growers from the region or processors from all over the world. The business relationships with our suppliers are characterised by trust, honesty and commitment. In the worldwide procurement of raw materials, we focus particularly on the following sustainability aspects: respect for human rights, adherence to social standards, and environmental and climate protection.

Responsibility for the region

The growth of our company protects regional jobs: Local craft businesses and service providers profit from continuous investments. In 2020, a total of over 4,000 tonnes of apples were processed into apple juice in our own press house. We prefer apples from the region and work closely with contract growers, orchard associations and initiatives. The partnership that we maintain with our regional suppliers includes a long-term cooperation perspective with purchase guarantees.

This means that even in very good harvest years, every apple is purchased at the agreed price. Further measures range from tree donations to equipment with modern harvesting technology. For example, several orchard collection points have been set up in the Central Rhine region. Here, in addition to regional farmers and orchard associations, private individuals can also hand in their apples for payment or in direct exchange for juice. Fair prices are a matter of course: The payout price for orchard fruit is significantly higher than the average payout price of cideries in Germany.

We maintain a special relationship with the citizens at the company headquarters in Unkel. Since 2015, we have annually awarded the Rabenhorst Prize to pupils and their teachers from the local secondary school for special projects and ideas that make a positive contribution to the general public in the region through creative commitment. In addition, we support cultural and sporting life in the immediate neighbourhood with other activities.


Employee satisfaction has a high priority

"We are a family business that maintains a good community. Since our founding, we have experienced how much strength can come from community. This is based on two qualities that are as simple as they are effective: respect and tolerance." Satisfied, healthy and well-trained employees are a key factor for sustainable economic success and thus the continued existence of our company.

Flat hierarchies, co-determination, fair wages with voluntary social benefits and profit-sharing and, last but not least, a secure job ensure a predictable livelihood. Daily actions are guided by appreciative guidelines for cooperation, which our employees have developed themselves. Individual development measures, further training, flexible working time models or even remote working also contribute to the professional satisfaction of each individual. We place great emphasis on equality: attractive management positions in the company are filled equally at all levels.