Award-winning vegetable juices from Rabenhorst



Unkel/Cologne, June 2023. For the second time, the All Beverage Award jury, together with the renowned trade magazine RUNDSCHAU for the food trade, identified and awarded new products and innovations of the year in the beverage industry. The juice experts from Unkel were able to fully convince with their Vegetable Plus Range and were awarded the All Beverage Award in the category "Vegetable Juices". The jury gave the following reasons for their selection: "For years, Rabenhorst has stood for reliable sales and top quality. It was precisely this that convinced the jury with Immune Power and Acid-Base Balance. The different applications were also rated positively: Acid-Base Balance is an attractive year-round product, Immune Power will score in the cold season. A special selling point: the customer does not need a juicer for his vitamin boost."


Rabenhorst Immune Power and Rabenhorst Acid-Base Balance

And these are the two "vegetable" winners that the jury chose in their overall evaluation:


Rabenhorst Acid-Base Balance with Zinc is a pure juice made from tomato, beetroot*, potato*, carrot*, celery* and lemon juice, and is supplemented with zinc for a normal acid-base balance. The latter can be negatively affected by various factors such as stress and little exercise. Zinc and numerous vegetables can help to keep the acid-base balance in equilibrium. Parts of the juice is lacto-fermented to obtain a mild taste.

* lacto-fermented

Rabenhorst Immune Power with vitamin C and zinc is a pure juice made from tomato, carrot and sauerkraut juice* as well as parsnip* and beetroot* juice combined with a tasty spice salt. Parts of the juice are lacto-fermented to obtain a mild and sour-fresh taste. The vegetable mix is supplemented with vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

* lacto-fermented

 Both juice innovations are also ideally suited for a vegan diet. Vegetable juices naturally contain sugar and do not contain any added sugar.


About Rabenhorst:

Rabenhorst stands for 125 years of knowledge and experience in the production of beneficial juices in premium quality. High-quality direct juices are created from selected fruits with sensitivity and craftsmanship. The unadulterated ingredients and the gentle production process - predominantly in the company's own press house - guarantee not only an excellent, natural taste, but also a variety of natural ingredients. With Rabenhorst juices, you can easily do something good for yourself - for a personal feel-good moment in your turbulent everyday life.