NEW: Rabenhorst Shots Turmeric-White Tea and Ginger-Yerba Mate offer the best of nature – in its smallest form

Two tasty, premium shots with organic quality in a handy to-go format will be added to the Rabenhorst range from September

Unkel/Cologne, September 2020. Juice shots are now on everyone’s lips, in the truest sense of the word: from September, every nutrition-conscious person can look forward to two new products with valuable ingredients in a practical 60 ml format from the traditional company in Unkel/Rhine. New premium shots, Rabenhorst Turmeric-White Tea and Ginger-Yerba Mate, created from premium, organic ingredients with valuable essences promise a balanced and outstanding taste. With these new, high-quality creations, Rabenhorst is expanding its existing range to include to include two trendy products where the spirit of nature meets modern, nutritional awareness.

Rabenhorst Turmeric-White Tea combines carefully selected oranges, mangos, turmeric and lemons with the essence of Pai Mu Tan white tea in 100 % organic quality to create a delicious first-class shot.

Rabenhorst Ginger-Yerba Mate combines carefully selected apples, ginger, passion fruit, lemons and mate essence from controlled organic cultivation to create a pleasantly hot and invigorating shot with premium quality.

The two new, high-quality creations in a handy 60 ml format are ideal companions for times in-between and offer an extra powerful portion of nature in two sips – even when you’re on the go.

Like all Rabenhorst products, the new shots are filled exclusively in brown glass bottles, which provide better protection for high-quality products against the negative effects of UV radiation and visible light than conventional, clear glass bottles.

Rabenhorst stands for over 120 years of knowledge and experience in producing the highest quality juices. Carefully selected fruits are processed with sure instincts and refined craftmanship to create high-quality direct juices. Authentic ingredients and gentle manufacturing processes – mainly, in-house pressing – guarantee not only an excellent, natural taste, but also maximum valuable ingredients. Rabenhorst juices make it easy to do yourself some good, whether to balance the turbulence of everyday life or as a peaceful moment of self-care. This way, Rabenhorst juices make an important contribution to your sense of well-being.

Rabenhorst Shot Turmeric-White Tea (60 ml disposable brown glass) 1,69 € (RRP)
Rabenhorst Shot Ginger-Yerba Mate (60 ml disposable brown glass) 1,69 € (RRP)

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