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Purchasing guidelines:
The raw materials are as natural as possible

We have extraordinarily high quality standards. The prerequisites for this are natural and unpolluted raw materials and a strict quality policy.

Long-term cooperation for premium quality

Regional commitment and a long-term partnership with our suppliers create the necessary trust and reliability for deliveries of qualitatively impeccable raw materials that make up the first-class quality of our juices. We recognised this early on.

Our company has been promoting organic contract farming in the Middle Rhine region since as early as 1969 and uses, often, regional and organic raw materials. By setting up further regional fruit collection points, we are consistently increasing the proportion of regionally produced fruit juice: The start of the collection points in 2018 was very successful with a collection volume of well over 1,000 tonnes of apples and has been steadily driven forward ever since.

This active commitment to a common cause creates reliability and trust and is an important investment in the relationship with our growers and thus in the supply of top-quality raw produce.


Extraordinary quality standards

Our juices stand for premium quality as well as unique, unadulterated taste - a result of decades of experience. For over 100 years, we have been processing only the best raw materials under the strictest criteria, with the greatest care and great effort, to create unique products. These efforts pay off: Every year we receive awards for the quality of our juices. For years, we have repeatedly achieved the best test results for selected fruit juices in the international quality test of the DLG (German Agricultural Society).

We have already been awarded the Fderal Honour Prize for special product quality several times. This is the highest award that can be given to German food producers and is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

The basis for this is a strict quality policy which we follow from the receipt of raw materials to processing, packaging, storage and transport. The demands we place on all our suppliers are correspondingly high. Before the raw and semi-finished goods are processed into juices, they undergo a strict incoming inspection. The hand-picked fruits are checked for important porperties such as ripeness, colour and flavour.

The fructose and acid content are also precisely determined. In addition, strict, risk-oriented laboratory tests are carried out to exclude undesirable contamination and inputs. For this purpose, we work together with renowned partners. The requirements that the raw materials have to meet are based on our quality criteria, which often exceed the legal requirements. This also applies in particular to the raw materials that we source from conventional cultivation.

Here are two examples: The legal limit for patulin, a mould toxin, is 50 micrograms per kilogram. The internal, self-imposed limit value, on the other hand, is 10 micrograms per kilogram. The legal limit value for radioactivity is also very clearly above the self-imposed limit value at 600 becquerel, that we set for our raw materials.