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Production mission statement:
Products as natural as possible

The core competence of our Rabenhorst product brand lies in the production of pure direct juices from first pressing. These juices contain only the original, natural components of the processed fruit. Due to the gentle processing, a large number of natural ingredients are preserved. They are also characterised by a high proportion of natural cloudy substances. Rabenhorst juices are not clarified with gelatine, fish bladder or egg white. Where removal of the cloudy substances is technologically indispensable, this is done by mechanical separation.

Our Rotbäckchen juices are also made from pure juices with great care, for which we use only the very best ingredients. The high-quality nutritional supplements are based on natural ingredients that are supplemented with valuable vitamins and minerals. Our Rotbäckchen products can supplement a balanced and varied diet. Important nutrients are sensibly combined and dosed. The fruit juices contained are made without concentrates, but exclusively from high-quality pure juices. No gelatine or other animal substances are used for clarification.

Highest standards of product safety and hygiene

From the receipt of raw materials to the pressing of the fruit and the filling of the juices in glass bottles to the delivery of the products, strict controls are continuously carried out. This applies to raw, semi-finished and finished goods as well as to the packaging materials. Strict hygiene requirements therefore apply in our production and during transport it must be ensured that the goods do not suffer any damage and remain clearly identificable.

Our company is audited once a year according to an internationally recognised standard by an independent certification body. The focus here is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. In addition, we carry out risk analyses in accordance with the HACCP concept (HACCP = Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which is required by law for food manufacturing companies. This involves checking the entire production process, from raw materials to use by the end consumer, for health hazards.


Unlimited transparency and credibility

For us, the responsibility for uncompromising product quality does not end with the production and distribution of flawless and safe products. In particular, it also includes transparent and comprehensive product communication, which is aimed not only at consumers but also at trade partners and professional nutritionists, pharmacies, doctors, midwives and their associations.

It is very important to us to inform consumers transparently and comprehensibly, even for laypersons, about our products, their ingredients and nutritional values. With our labelling policy, we ensure that consumers can make informed and self-determined decisions. We provide comprehensive information on various channels about the nutritional values and ingredients of our produts and do so far beyond the legal requirements.

The labelling of food products with regard to ingredients, nutritional values and health claims is regulated in Europe by strict food legislation. The central instrument is the Food Information Directive (FID), which includes numerous and detailed specifications, for example on the minimum font size for better readability or on nutrition labelling. We also strictly and fully follow the applicable case law for the use of health claims found on numerous products of the Rabenhorst and Rotbäckchen product brands. The EU Regulation 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims (the so-called Health Claims Regulation) for foods defines the uniform requirements throughout Europe.