Another quality award: eight DLG Gold awards for Rabenhorst premium juices

No less than eight juices from traditional brand Rabenhorst impressed the judges in the German Agricultural Society (DLG)’s international quality test

With over 100 years of know-how and experience in the production of beneficial juices of the highest quality, the juice experts at Rabenhorst have already received numerous awards from the food industry. This year, the organic juices Rabenhorst B-Active Juice, 120/80 Juice, Aronia direct juice from first pressing, Multi-Fruit Juice and Traditional Vegetable Juice all received the coveted DLG Gold awards. In addition, in April 2020, Haus Rabenhorst was awarded the DLG award for long-term product quality for the ninth time in a row. This prize is reserved for companies that have always been awarded at least three of the coveted DLG awards in five successive years and also honours special product quality.

When quality becomes a tradition - eight DLG Gold awards and one DLG Silver award for nine Rabenhorst juices analysed

The long-established company from Unkel on the Rhine has been writing this success story for many decades, and won over the judges once more in late 2020: in the latest DLG quality test, nine Rabenhorst juices were analysed and evaluated. Eight Rabenhorst juices were awarded DLG Gold, and one received DLG Silver. The coveted DLG Gold was awarded to Rabenhorst Organic Elderberry Nectar, Organic Ginger-Mix, Organic Detox, Organic Wild Blueberry, Organic Mild Sauerkraut, Organic Passion Fruit Mini, Organic Ginger Mini and All the Best (Alles Gute) juice. All the juices tested convinced in the comprehensive sensory quality test with regard to the test criteria colour, appearance, smell, taste and balance, as well as in the laboratory analyses and packaging and labelling tests.

Rabenhorst stands for over 100 years of knowledge and experience in the production of beneficial juices of the highest quality. High-quality direct juices are created from selected fruits with sensitivity and craftsmanship. The unadulterated ingredients and the gentle production process - predominantly in the company's own press house - guarantee not only an excellent, natural taste, but also a maximum of natural ingredients. With Rabenhorst juices you can easily treat yourself - whether as a balance to your turbulent everyday life or as a personal feel-good moment.