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Rotbäckchen is one of the few brands that has stayed the same as it ever was over the decades: a seal of quality for healthy, natural nutrition. The idea for the brand arose at the beginning of the 1950s, during the post-war period, to offer families a healthy and nutritious juice providing an optimum supply of vitamins and minerals – so that the generation of that time as well as today could “hand down the best”.

The secret of Rotbäckchen’s magic recipe has always been in its balanced blend of the various ingredients. Only the best raw ingredients are left in as natural a state as possible, and are processed very gently with lots of love and care and supplemented with vitamins and minerals in a targeted way.

In addition to the Rotbäckchen classic, other new and unique products have emerged over the years. High-quality fresh juices and nutritional supplements not only taste delicious but are also ideal for meeting today's different needs, and provide targeted and valuable nutritional support for the whole family, every day.

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