9 Mai 2022

Haus Rabenhorst donates 90,000 Rotbäckchen multi-fruit juices to Ukraine

With the aid delivery to hospitals, orphanages and humanitarian centres, the juice specialists from Unkel on the Rhine would like to make a contribution to supporting Ukraine

Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine, which violates international law, represents an indescribable challenge for the whole of Europe, which is why numerous European companies want to help Ukraine wherever they can. For Haus Rabenhorst, a family company rich in tradition, it was a matter of course to make a corresponding contribution here as well, in order to support the civilian population of Ukraine and those who have fled in the border areas.

A total of 33 pallets with around 90,000 Rotbäckchen multi-fruit juices in tetra packs were organised with the help of the partnered wholesaler Bio Planet from Poland and transported to Warsaw by DHL free of charge. From here, 8 pallets were delivered to reception camps for Ukrainians who had fled, and the remaining 25 pallets were shipped via the company's Ukrainian import partner from Unkel am Rhein, first to Ukraine and then to various destinations. Especially in hospitals, orphanages and humanitarian institutions, the Rotbäckchen multi-fruit juices were then distributed to the civilian population.