NEW: Rabenhorst Organic Pure Apricot Juice

With this new variety, Rabenhorst is expanding its popular range of pure juices from first pressing

Rabenhorst enjoys great popularity with its range of pure juices, also known as juice from first pressing: only the original components from the fruit enter the juice through a single pressing, which is why it contains a variety of natural ingredients. With varieties such as organic pomegranate, organic wild blueberry or organic aronia berry, the juice experts from Unkel on the Rhine have already launched numerous pure juices on the market and are constantly expanding this range: a pure organic juice from carefully selected, sun-ripened apricots in the 330 ml brown glass bottle will expand the range from January 2023.

Rabenhorst Organic Apricot contains fruity apricots of the best organic quality, which are processed with ascorbic acid as an antioxidant against browning of the juice. In accordance with the law, the pure juice contains no added sugar and is suitable for a vegan diet. Rabenhorst Organic Apricot can also be used as a spritzer mix with water and is also ideal in quick cooking, e.g. in muesli, yoghurt, mixed drinks or as an ingredient in homemade jam and cakes. Bottled in the characteristic, sustainable Rabenhorst amber glass bottle, the pure juice is protected from external influences and its natural ingredients are optimally preserved.