15 Juni 2021

Rabenhorst juice experts awarded the German Brand Award 2021

Value-oriented brand management convinces the German Design Council, resulting in the “Gold” award in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Strategy”.

The German Brand Award, which has been presented annually since 2016, recognises those brands in Germany that stand out for their particularly innovative and creative brand management. The award was created by the German Design Council, an independent and internationally active institution that specifically promotes brand innovations and special marketing strategies. In 2021, over 1,134 submissions were evaluated and the best 59 brands and projects were awarded the “German Brand Award 2021 in Gold”.

Rabenhorst convinces with outstanding brand work

Brand strategies and concepts are evaluated in the umbrella category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation”. The Rabenhorst brand was awarded “Gold” in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Strategy” for the project submitted, entitled “Moving from a niche product to a nationally established premium health juice brand with value-oriented brand management, which charts what is now a success story spanning over 120 years. With this submission, the juice experts from Unkel on the Rhine impressively illustrate how a medium-sized family business with a long history can move with the times and establish and sustain itself through innovation and quality.

The jury justified the “Gold” award as follows: “The long-established company Rabenhorst recognised at an early stage that healthy and natural nutrition – and thus a higher quality of life – is a major trend and refined its brand strategy accordingly in 2018. The claim ›The very best for you‹ perfectly unites the values with which the brand has positioned itself since then. In the meantime, Rabenhorst has developed into a nationally established premium brand whose product range is subject to continuous expansion. The company has created an authentic brand image that fits seamlessly into the here and now while simultaneously conveying a high level of credibility.”

The “Rabenhorst inventors” were the brothers Walter and Günther Lauffs, great-grandchildren of pastor Oscar Lauffs, who founded a vineyard in 1805 and laid the foundation stone of the Haus Rabenhorst company, which is known for its long years of experience in the traditional craft of direct juice pressing. Since then, the company has always attached great importance to a natural, sustainable way of doing business. From the purchase of raw materials from sustainable producers to gentle processing and quality-assured storage and transport, a quality-focused, ecological approach remains the top priority. The high-quality fruit juices are gently pasteurised so that many valuable ingredients are preserved. In addition, the comprehensive protection of natural habitats is just as important to Haus Rabenhorst as being close to nature: the long-established company promotes the protection of nature and the environment in order to safeguard their future. Haus Rabenhorst was a pioneer in organic quality as early as 1969: long before the trend towards “organic” products was widespread in Germany, the premium juice producer awarded its first research contracts to the University of Kassel and, together with the Institute for Organic Agriculture, was able to advance organic-controlled cultivation in an innovative way.

In 2021, the brand looks back on a long success story, yet remains at the cutting edge of developments: Rabenhorst regularly emphasises its own competence and quality in the form of its pure direct juices, the so-called mother juices. In addition, the company has created related product concepts that complement its pure direct juices with added vitamins and minerals, such as the “Enjoy Health” range with the three juices Relax with Magnesium, Protect with Zinc and Feel Good with Iron. All three juice creations showcase the company’s innovative strength and many years of expertise, and inspire consumers. The Ginger Mate and Turmeric White Tea shots, launched in 2020, also emerged from years of experience in juice creation and serve a modern, contemporary nutritional awareness. Over a period of 120 years, the brand has succeeded in establishing high-quality fruit and vegetable juices on the market with exciting product concepts, while never losing touch with nature. Both the brand claim “The very best for you” and the German Brand Award 2021 testify convincingly to this fact.