Haus Rabenhorst boasts a new record year in 2020

Thanks to a wealth of innovation and traditional knowledge on the subject of juice, over 37 million bottles were filled – turnover is steadily exceeding the 50-million euro mark

In 2020, the corona pandemic challenged all sectors of the economy on an international scale in ways never seen before. Both supply and production chains and, above all, levels of consumer behaviour were clearly affected. As a medium-sized, traditional family business, we by no means expected to survive this global crisis unscathed and emerge with positive business figures – but our proven quality, creative innovations and an extremely cooperative workforce ensured we experienced a new record year and a stable growth in turnover exceeding the 50-million euro mark.

Innovations in the spirit of cross-generational juice expertise

Each year, Haus Rabenhorst succeeds in distinguishing itself with special innovations in the premium juice range. In 2020, four new shots, i.e. small direct juices for quick consumption, were launched very successfully under the core brands Rabenhorst and Rotbäckchen. Rabenhorst Ginger Mate combines selected apples, ginger, passion fruit, lemon and mate essence from controlled organic cultivation into a pleasantly spicy, premium-quality shot. Rabenhorst Turmeric White Tea combines carefully selected oranges, mango, turmeric and lemon with essences from white tea of the Pai Mu Tan variety in 100% organic quality to create a tasty shot of the highest quality. Rotbäckchen Immune Protection Power Pack is a harmoniously balanced multi-fruit direct juice made from red grapes, apples and delicious raspberry pulp. Boasting added vitamin C and zinc, the power pack provides nutrients for the whole day. A combination of red grapes, apples, cherries and elderberry provides a naturally fruity taste in the Rotbäckchen Concentration Power Pack. The addition of vitamin C, iron and niacin makes it a source of important nutrients.

And there was also a special innovation for the kitchens of this world: Rabenhorst Ginger Mini and Rabenhorst Passion Fruit Mini. Both juices can be used in a variety of ways to refine dishes. Rabenhorst Ginger Mini contains carefully selected organic ginger and is processed in the company’s own press house into a pleasantly tangy and aromatic spiced juice of the highest quality. Rabenhorst Passion Fruit Mini contains selected passion fruits from controlled organic cultivation, which are pressed fresh from the harvest into a high-quality juice.

For the breakfast segment, Rotbäckchen Morgenstark was added to the range, a harmoniously balanced multivitamin multi-fruit direct juice made from pears, apples, oranges and passion fruit as well as pineapple and grapefruit. Banana, mango, apricot pulp and acerola and guava pulp guarantee a particularly fruity taste. In addition, the ten valuable vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenate, biotin and folic acid as well as provitamin A provide a variety of important nutrients for the whole day.

Highest product quality and sustainable action confirmed in awards

In the DLG quality test in 2020, no less than 7 Rabenhorst premium juices in organic quality convinced the jury and were awarded DLG Gold. In April 2020, Haus Rabenhorst was awarded the DLG award for long-term product quality for the ninth time in a row. This prize is reserved for companies that have always been awarded at least three of the coveted DLG awards in five successive years, and also honours special product quality. Rabenhorst Streuobstapfel (orchard-cultivated apple juice) also convinced the consumer magazine Öko-Test, which awarded it an overall rating of “VERY GOOD”. The fruit juice produced in the company’s own press house achieved a “VERY GOOD” in both the sensory test results and the test results for the ingredients. In 2020, the Rotbäckchen brand not only received the German Brand Award for special brand strategy, but was also voted one of the “daily customer favourites” by FOCUS magazine.

Furthermore, the company’s nature-oriented and sustainable approach was recognised in awards in 2020: In March 2020, the business magazine FOCUS in cooperation with the consumer testing company Deutschland Test honoured the company in the category “Sustainable Commitment”, awarding it the rating “Very Strong”. In July 2020, the company was voted one of the “Green Brands of the Year” and was awarded first place in the “Beverages” category by STERN magazine in cooperation with YouGov.

2020 was also a record year for production

Around 7,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables were pressed into juice in the company’s own press house. In the process, the share of regionally produced raw materials was increased in both organic contract cultivation and in the field of orchard-grown fruit. In total, over 37 million bottles were produced. This represents an increase of 6.5% against the previous year.

“2020 presented an unprecedented challenge to almost every branch of the economy. We are a small but agile family business. It was not a given that we would survive this year so successfully, and we are very proud of our stable growth. We would like to expressly thank our customers for the trust they placed in our quality and, of course, all our employees who adapted to digitalised working environments and flexible working hours in record time. Together we have managed to steer Haus Rabenhorst safely and successfully through this global crisis so far,” says Managing Director Klaus-Jürgen Philipp.

More product innovations are already in the offing for 2021: among other things, the shots range is due for expansion, and another innovation will be launched under the Rotbäckchen brand.

Haus Rabenhorst was founded in 1805 as a winery. Today this company, with headquarters in Unkel am Rhein, is a highly specialised supplier of fruit and vegetable juices and healthy foods, well-known and loved in many places. In the production of fruit and vegetable juices, the emphasis is on sustainability – in procuring raw materials, in production and in the packaging of the products. A key part of Haus Rabenhorst’s expertise lies in its understanding of nature and natural substances and their inclusion in healthy, nutritious foods. Quality across the board, continuity and an awareness of trends and innovations – these are the strengths of Haus Rabenhorst.