Haus Rabenhorst also coming through the corona crisis in a stable manner in 2021

With growth of a good five percent despite the global pandemic, the family-owned company consolidates turnover at the 60 million euro mark

The years after 2020, with the emergence of the global corona pandemic, posed numerous challenges of hitherto unknown proportions. The year 2021 was also primarily characterised by this: From supply and production chains to the actual consumption behaviour of consumers, all participants in the free economy are in a constantly dynamic process due to the corona crisis. All the more reason to emphasise that Haus Rabenhorst, as a medium-sized family business, has been able to prove itself impressively here: With an overall growth of a good 5 percent in 2021, turnover was stabilised at the 60 million euro mark. This success was achieved not least thanks to a team effort by the entire Haus Rabenhorst staff, who creatively and enthusiastically pushed ahead with new innovations and adapted to new work processes as quickly as possible.

The "Shots" product category introduced in 2020 can already record over 7 million units sold in 2021

Shots - 60 ml pure juices in a handy to-go format - were already introduced under the Rabenhorst and Rotbäckchen brands in autumn 2020. The product category was successfully expanded under both brands in 2021 - at Rabenhorst with the Cranberry-Ginger and Sea Buckthorn-Ginger shots, and at Rotbäckchen with the power pack Vitaminkick. In total, over 7 million shots were sold in 2021, which is a direct endorsement of the concept by consumers. To give shots fans a special treat, Rabenhorst Big Shots were also introduced at the end of the year, available in 330 ml bottles. The core competence of the Rabenhorst brand was also demonstrated again with particular success: with the introduction of further, 100 percent pure juices such as Rabenhorst Organic Haskap Berry or Rabenhorst Organic Sea Buckthorn. Traditionally, the quality of the raw materials used and the pure juice from the first pressing are enticing. The new multi-fruit pure juice Rabenhorst Organic Antistress with beetroot, matcha and spirulina algae also impressed numerous consumers with its successful launch. Under the Rotbäckchen brand, the popular Mama range, with which expectant and breastfeeding mothers can pass on the very best, was expanded with a new product: as a nutritional supplement based on high-quality pure juices with folic acid and iodine, Rotbäckchen Mama Folic Acid+ specifically helps with the needs-based supply in the childbearing phase and in early pregnancy.

The company's own claim to regionality, sustainability and product quality was also independently confirmed in numerous awards in 2021

As many as 18 Rabenhorst premium juices from the range of just over 70 varieties were able to win one of the coveted DLG Gold awards in 2021. The long-standing and always reliable quality of raw materials such as fruit and vegetable juices was also confirmed by the fact that Rabenhorst was awarded the DLG prize for long-standing product quality for the tenth time. This prize is reserved for those companies that have always been able to receive at least three of the coveted DLG awards in five subsequent years, thus additionally honouring the special product quality. This success story was rounded off in a particularly impressive way in November 2021, when Haus Rabenhorst also received the Bundesehrenpreis for the tenth time overall and for the second time in gold. The Bundesehrenpreis is the highest award given to German food producers. The German Brand Award, which has been presented annually since 2016, recognises those brands in Germany that stand out for their particularly innovative and creative brand management. The Rabenhorst brand was awarded "Gold" in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Strategy" for the submitted project "With value-oriented brand management from a niche to a nationally established premium health juice brand" on its 120-year success story. For the submitted project "Introduction of the Rotbäckchen Power Packs", the Rotbäckchen brand, which belongs to the family business Haus Rabenhorst, was also awarded the Brand Award 2021 as winner of the category "Best Brand Extension".

"After we were able to weather the global pandemic that emerged in 2020 - in terms of both the health of our employees and our economic and ecological considerations - we were also able to survive as a small but agile family business in 2021. We are particularly pleased that innovations such as our 60 ml pure juice shots have been able to establish themselves so impressively, but also that the classic fruit and vegetable juices of our Rabenhorst and Rotbäckchen brands continue to meet with great demand. Outside Germany, too, we were able to successfully expand our business both in Europe and especially in Asia, and here China and South Korea, and enthuse many consumers for our products. Overall, with growth of a good 5 percent, we are very satisfied with the economic results for 2021," says Managing Director Klaus-Jürgen Philipp.

For 2022, further product innovations will follow, such as the expansion of the "Enjoy Health" range to include Rabenhorst Inner Beauty with Biotin as well as the big anniversary of the 70th birthday of the family brand Rotbäckchen, for which limited Rotbäckchen gift editions with special anniversary labels have been published.