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Holistic sustainability - our claim by tradition

We work with foresight and responsibility for people and the environment. Our customers, suppliers and employees have been relying on our company for generations. Protecting our environment and using natural resources responsibility is part of who we are. In 2010, we were awarded the Environmental Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate for our sustainable business practices and commitment to sustainability.

  • From the cultivation of the raw ingredients ...
  • To processing and production ...
  • To packaging, storage and transport.

Holistic corporate principles

Sustainable management is a core-value anchored in the company's philosophy. Haus Rabenhorst has four elementary guiding principles:

Protecting habitats - as comprehensively as possible

  • We can only secure our future and our environment's future through holistic, ecological action.
  • We promote the protection of nature and the environment both ideologically and materially, because only healthy soils, pure water and clean air can secure the standards we set ourselves.
  • Wherever possible, we keep supply routes and supply chains short by cooperating closely with regional initiatives, contract growers and fruit-growing associations.
  • We support our cultivation partners with tree donations and by equipping them with modern harvesting technology.
  • We are committed to the preservation of regional orchards, work closely with nature conservation organisations (e.g. Nabu) and are involved in various associations (including VdF, CDE and BBE).
  • We work consistently to use raw materials as sparingly as possible and to reduce emissions with new technologies and investments in modern facilities.
  • We cover 100% of our electricity requirements at the production site from certified green electricity, saving around 650 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Connected to nature - committed to humanity

  • Social responsibility for sustainable business has been a top priority for us from the beginning of our company's history.
  • We work in a forward-looking and responsible manner for people and the environment. This includes our suppliers, customers, partners and our own employees.
  • We pursue long-term supplier relationships to ensure our high-quality standards are implemented.
  • A close cooperation and partnerships with contract growers, orchard associations and initiatives from the region is very important to us.
  • We offer our employees flexible working and parental-leave models, and a wide range of training and further-education opportunities.
  • Attractive management positions are filled in our company following the principle of gender equality.
  • We select our suppliers according to strict quality standards. We also pay attention to ecological and social aspects.

Raw ingredients as pure as possible

  • We have been promoting organic contract farming since 1969.
  • We produce our fruit juices from direct juice, without concentrates. After pressing, the fruits are bottled without any major detours.
  • We process many different fruits from controlled organic cultivation.
  • Our products are as natural as possible. By using direct juices, the taste of our products can vary slightly due to differences in raw ingredients and the sessional harvest. This is comparable to eating two apples; they also taste different – sweet or sour – depending on the variety and harvest year.
  • Our internal quality standards exceed the legal requirements.
  • Our raw ingredients are strictly checked every delivery to ensure our standards are met.

The products as natural as possible

  • Natural direct juices give our products their unmistakable taste.
  • Berries and apples are mainly processed in our own winery to produce fruit juice of the highest quality.
  • We do not use gelatine or other animal substances for clarification.
  • No preservatives are used in our products! When filling the fruit juices into the bottle, we use a special and gentle heating process, whereby the product is heated as low as possible.
  • Thanks to this particularly gentle technique, our products not only keep until the specified date, but colour, taste and smell, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals, are preserved as long as possible. As a result, our juices contain only the natural, original components from the valuable fruits we process.
  • Haus Rabenhorst fills its high-quality juices mainly in brown glass bottles. This brown glass protects our juices and food supplements with their nutrients and light-sensitive vitamins from critical UV light during transport and while on store shelves.
  • For our labels and cardboard packaging, we only use paper from FSC-certified forests as well as recycled material and other materials from controlled sources.